[…] Hello Beauty Queens! On October 7th I posted about my first 2 weeks of the Exuviance Peel Challenge. Just to recap, it is a 6 week supply of the product and you use it twice a week. The benefits of using this product for the whole 6 weeks are: brighter and more even skin tone, refined pore size and smoother texture, and less wrinkles and fine lines. I did not take a photo of my skin for the 3rd week of this challenge because I had not noticed a huge difference between weeks 2 and 3. Now that it is the 4th week though, my skin is noticeably better than before I started using this product. I don’t really have lines or wrinkles, except for my smile lines, and when I apply my foundation I have noticed that I don’t get a huge crease in my smile lines anymore at the end of the day. They are definitely less noticeable. My pores have also shrunk and I am not breaking out as much, which is amazing! My skin tone is more even as well. I had a few brown marks from acne and now they are barely noticeable. I have 2 more weeks to go and think I will be very happy with the results!! Below are pictures of my skin before I started, and my skin now, 4 weeks later. Also, to learn more about the Exuviance Peel Challenge, check out my previous post here! […]