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The Chanel of Contact Lenses and Makeup for Blue Eyes

Hi dolls! Have you ever wished you had a different eye color, but never succeeded in finding a natural looking contact lens? Well, I am here to tell you about the Chanel of contact lenses. The contacts are made by Desio, the first Italian luxury brand of contact lenses. When I was born, my eyes were actually blue. They were blue for the first two years of my life, but then they turned hazel. I love my eye color, don’t get me wrong, but as the saying goes, “you always want what you don’t have”. I have read so many reviews about these lenses, and I actually watched one from Wayne Goss on Youtube. After watching and reading several reviews, I knew I needed to give these lenses a try. These lenses though, are created specifically for people with brown eyes. They do work on blue eyes, but not as well as they do on brown eyes. In the past I have tried a few different brands of blue lenses, and they have all made my eyes look super fake, and they didn’t even make my eyes blue, just slightly lighter and also bug-eyed. These lenses, however, are fabulous!! My hazel eyes are blue, and if a stranger saw me they would never know that my eyes are actually hazel. It looks like I was born with these eyes! I went out shopping today with my mom, and one of the sales associates told my mom “wow, your daughter looks just like you..except she has those beautiful blue eyes! She is so lucky!” and me and my mom just gave each other a smile, both knowing that these are not my natural eyes. So these contact lenses are just so fabulous and real looking, that strangers don’t even question if they are contacts. I was so thrilled, and am really happy that I purchased these. I actually wear contact lenses normally, because my vision is just awful, so I am used to the feeling of contact lenses. If you are lucky and have great vision, then lenses might take a little bit of time to get used to and you should only wear them for 2-4 hours your first few times. These lenses though are comfortable, they are just as soft as my regular daily contacts. They are also said to last 3 months, but after 3 months is up you should throw them away and buy a new pair. You also should never sleep with them, but that’s the same with almost all contact lenses. I highly recommend these though! The color I purchased are “Icy Blue” but they come in 7 other gorgeous shades! I also did my makeup today, specifically for my blue eyes. I think that with blue eyes blue and gold eye shadows look fabulous, so that is the look that I went for! I hope you enjoy and if you purchase these contacts, I would love to hear! Xo



Blue Eyes


Outfit of the Day:

Shirt- Alice and Olivia (sold out), Jeans- J-Brand, Shoes- Valentino, Bag- Valentino, Earrings- ASOS

Makeup Steps:

Face (Usual Face Makeup) I applied Smashbox Photo Finish Light Foundation Primer, followed by foundation, Studio Skin Oil Free in 2.1 in light beige from Smashbox. Then I used Prep + Prime Highlighter in light boost by M.A.C. Cosmetics to highlight my nose, chin, forehead, and under eyes. I then used Los Cabos Matte Bronzing Powder from Sephora to contour cheeks and nose. I used Albatross from Nars as a highlighter above cheeks, and for an extra shimmer I added Elf Body Shimmer Mystic Moonlight. I then applied my blush, Illamasqua cream blush, in Rude.

Eyes- First I used Urban Decay Primer Potion to prime my eyelids. I highlighted my brow bone with Albatross by Nars. Following that I used a light blue (#1) from my BH Cosmetics 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 1st Edition in the inner corner of my eye and I used a darker blue (#2) from the same palette in my crease and outer corner of my eye (the exact colors used from this palette are shown below). I then applied Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow in Goldilux in the center of my eyelid, and then I blended everything. I applied Chanel Le Crayon Khol Intense Eye Pencil Noir to my bottom waterline and applied BH Liquid Eyeliner to my upper lash line. I applied M.A.C. Cosmetics Eye Shadow Veluxe Pearl Shimmermoss on my bottom lash line. I curled my lashes with myΒ Billy B Beauty’s Eyelash Curler and applied Tarte MultiplEYE-prime followed by Lights, Camera, Flashes by Tarte. I used Brow Bar To Go by Whitening Lightning on my eyebrows, followed by Make Up For Ever Brow Seal to keep brows in place and keep the color on.

Lips- Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick 500 Eccentrico by Giorgio Armani


13 Responses to “The Chanel of Contact Lenses and Makeup for Blue Eyes”

    • glamvasion

      Yes, you will love them! I just bought my second pair in Desert Dream, which is a greenish color. They are amazing πŸ™‚

  1. MOTD for Spring! |

    […] Hi dolls, I am back! I apologize for the lack of posts, as I stated in my last post I was sick and am finally starting to feel a little bit better. Thank goodness, because I start Makeup Artistry School at MUD on Wednesday!!! I am so excited. Anyways, for today’s makeup I decided to use green, gold, and turquoise because they are perfect Spring colors. Also, I purchased a second pair of Desio Lenses in the color Desert Dream, a gorgeous greenish color, and the eyeshadow colors that I used really brought out the color of the contacts! If you haven’t read my review about Desio, they are the first Italian luxury brand of contact lenses, and are designed specifically for people with brown eyes. They are amazing, if you want to read more about them, check out my review from my post “The Chanel of Contact Lenses and Makeup for Blue Eyes”. […]


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