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Style Icon: Stacey Bendet


One of my all time favorite style icons is Stacey Bendet, the designer of Alice + Olivia, which happens to be my favorite brand. I fell in love with my first A+O dress back when I was in high school, and have been a loyal customer ever since. Stacy Bendet started her company when she realized that there was a severe pant void in the fashion industry. She wanted to design pants that were sexy and could be the emphasis of an outfit. She started designing for herself, and created pants that made legs appear more elongated, and also raised your butt. A striped upholstery fabric that she saw in a window inspired her. The fabric was vaguely similar to ’70s Mick Jagger stage wear, and she used it to design retro pants that were tight on top and belled at the leg. Lisa Kline stopped her on the street when she was wearing the pants, and told Stacey she needed to have them in her store and she ordered them. Stacey’s father, Bendet Eisner, the owner of a textile importing business, manufactured 20 pairs in 2002. He had “downtown scenesters” strut down ad hoc catwalks at the Russian Tea Room. Her clothing caught the eye of Andrew Rosen, the man behind Theory, and he invested in her business. Her collection became a staple at Barney’s and she launched Alice + Olivia!

From what I can tell, Stacey almost always wears her own designs, and I love that.  She is passionate about her career and her clothing is so chic and cute. When I think of Alice + Olivia, I think of bright colors, funky graphic prints, and girly silhouettes. The brand is very unique, and in my opinion, there is nothing else like it. What I love about Alice + Olivia is that the clothing really represents Stacey Bendet and her personality shines through her designs. Stacey even designed her Manhattan office and her home in a way that reflects her personality and her brand. Her interior designs are retro, colorful, and feminine, which go hand-in-hand with she and her brand. Stacey has her own unique style that is both elegant and funky. She wears gowns and tiaras to work some days, and she pulls it off great. Stacey can rock any look because she just seems so confident and full of life. She is someone who really inspires me. Stacey Bendet has basically made her own empire/wonderland, making her dreams come true, all before the age of 30! Overall, I think she is amazing and I truly love her style. I follow her on instagram, and seeing pictures of she and her incredible fashion sense give me motivation to work hard. She is not only inspirational because of her amazing taste in fashion, but she is inspirational because she had a vision and worked hard to succeed.

To dress like Stacey Bendet, visit and shop my style icon’s amazing designs! XO ❤


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