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Dragon Makeup Inspired by Face Off

Hi dolls! Who is a fan of the tv show Face Off on Syfy? It is one of my favorite shows and it’s a competition amongst special effects make up artists who compete each week to create living works of art. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch one episode and I guarantee you will be as hooked as I am! It is now the 6th season of the show and an amazing episode aired last night. The episode was “Dragon’s Breath”. Each contestant had to create their own dragon! I love dragons, mostly because of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, but I think dragons are just awesome. My favorite dragon makeup last night was created by Tyler Green, who actually won the challenge! I also liked Rashaad Santiago’s and George Schminky’s dragon’s. The episode inspired me, so tonight I decided to do my own “frozen” dragon makeup, which is the type of dragon that Tyler (the winner) was inspired by. I first created my own makeup chart so that I could have an idea of how I wanted to actually do the make up. Take a look and I hope you enjoy!





To achieve this look: I first applied my foundation, Studio Skin Oil Free in 2.1 in light beige from Smashbox. Following that I applied Atlantic Blue by M.A.C. Cosmetics to my cheekbones. I used my Stylo Eyeshadow from Chanel in 37 Jade Shore to my entire eye, eyebrow, halfway down to my nose, and out towards my temples. I used the black from Revlon PhotoReady Kajal Intense Eyeliner + Brightener 001 Carbon to create the scales on top of the blue I had just applied. I used Revlon Illuminance Creme Eye Shadow in 720 Moonlit Jewels to shade in a few scales, and I also applied this to my eyebrows and extended it to create spikes. I also filled in a few scales with Pink Freeze by M.A.C. Cosmetics. I used Chanel Liquid Eyeliner Intensity Definition Noir to thinly line above my top lashline. I applied Tarte MultiplEYE-prime to my lashes followed by Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara by Tarte! I also applied Hawaii 5/0 Glitter by Lit Cosmetics to my eyebrows as well as on top of a few scales to add some shimmer and dimension. The final step are the lips! I applied Inglot Cosmetics Lipstick #288 Cream and Black is Blue by Ardency Inn.

Some of my favorite looks from “Dragon’s Breath” challenge on Face Off:


Tyler Green’s Frozen Dragon. (Challenge winner) Photo credit: Brett-Patrick Jenkins. Image found here.


Tyler Green’s Frozen Dragon. (Challenge winner) Photo credit: Brett-Patrick Jenkins. Image found here.

Rasaad Dragon

Rasaad Santiago’s dragon. Photo credit: Brett-Patrick Jenkins. Image found here.

George's Dragon

George Schminky’s dragon. Photo credit: Brett-Patrick Jenkins. Photo found here.

17 Responses to “Dragon Makeup Inspired by Face Off”

  1. miz shaaz

    WOW!!! you did an AMAZING job!! I never heard of this show before, i’ll look for it, but i LOOOOOOVE game of thrones! i can wait for the next season to start.

    • emfac13

      Thank you so much!! Yes, definitely look for it! The makeup they do on the show is just unbelievable. I’m so excited for Game of Thrones as well, such an amazing show!!

  2. Tina J.S

    wow!!! Amazing! Love it and I’m definitely checking out that show 🙂

  3. Lucy

    so creative! 😀 I’ve never heard of the show, but I’m gonna check it out now! 😉


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