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Makeup Brushes I cannot live without!

Hi darlings, today we are going to talk about brushes! I have many favorites. The brands I have the most brushes from are M.A.C. Cosmetics and Bobbi Brown. I am definitely going to purchase more brushes in the near future from The Wayne Goss Collection because I have been obsessed with them ever since I tried them out! They are just so soft and really get the job done. I love Bobbi Brown’s brushes because on every brush it says what you should use it for, so when you purchase a new brush, you never forget what its specific purpose is. When I first started doing makeup years ago, I bought brushes and often forgot what I needed to use them for, and then my moms best friend bought me my first few Bobbi Brown brushes and I became hooked. Of course, M.A.C. Cosmetics has awesome brushes as well, and they have a great selection. All I need to do now is expand on my Wayne Goss Collection, and then I will really know which brushes are the best!


  • Kevyn Aucoin Lip Brush- I love this brush because it has a retractable head so it’s super easy and you can put it in your purse without having to worry about lipstick getting all over the place!

Kevyn Aucoin


  • Wayne Goss 08– use this for thin/precise liner application as well as on eyebrows.
  • Wayne Goss 03- use this for the crease of your eyes.
  • Bobbi Brown Eye Smudge- great for smudging liner or shadow, as well as for creating the perfect smokey eye.
  • Bobbi Brown Angle Eye Shadow- This is my favorite brush to use when I apply my shadow to my entire eyelid. It makes a better shape because of the angle. It’s also a perfect brush for applying shadow in the corner of your eye.
  • Bobbi Brown Eye Brow- Makes eye brow application very natural.

Eye Brushes

Face: (brushes shown at top of page)

Brush Cleanser:

Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser – I use this product to clean my brushes once a week. This formula is designed to remove makeup and residue carefully without causing damage to your brushes. Bobbi Brown shared one of her tips on her website “When drying brushes, lay them flat with brush heads hanging over the edge of a table or counter.” I follow this tip every time I wash my brushes, and mine have stayed in great condition!

Bobbi Brown Brush Cleanser

Although I clean my brushes with the Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser, Beautylish had an amazing article from October 2013, “How to Clean YourMakeup Brushes“.  Everyone has a different method, but if you’re interested, check it out! It is definitely a great read. XO ❤

13 Responses to “Makeup Brushes I cannot live without!”

    • emfac13

      🙂 It’s amazing! It’s definitely the best one I’ve tried so far. For a while I was applying foundation with my fingertips but this brush applies so evenly, so i love it!

    • emfac13

      You’re welcome Kat! The bristles are on the softer side, so it feels nice when you apply your foundation. It’s an awesome brush 🙂

  1. Jules

    I’ve heard many good things about the Wayne Goss’ Brushes.
    Have you ever had any shedding problems with these brushes?

    • emfac13

      They really are so amazing! I haven’t had any shedding problems with the Wayne Goss Brushes. I have only been using them for about a week though, so I will let you know if there’s any shedding in the future. So far though, none and they are so great! I’m going to order more 🙂

  2. KatelynnRachelle

    I’m glad I found this post – I was just thinking about buying some brushes. Where do you buy them?

    • emfac13

      I purchased the Wayne Goss brushes from (and they also have some AMAZING makeup brands!) and I got a few from,, and! I would purchase Wayne Goss if you are looking for some great/soft brushes, I recently purchased them and I’m going to get more soon as I can because they are just amazing! And I would buy Bobbi Brown brushes if you like when the brushes say what the purpose of each brush is on them. 🙂

      • KatelynnRachelle

        Thanks! I’d probably go to Sephora so that I can see them all. I have a tough question: If you had to choose only three, which ones would they be?

      • emfac13

        That’s a good idea, it’s always best to see them in person! Hmm if I had to choose my top three I would have to say 1. Wayne Goss 03 brush. I always had trouble getting my shadows to blend in, but with this brush I never see any lines. It blends all of my shadows great and I love using it in the crease of my eye. 2. Mac 109 brush- It’s the best brush I have ever used for contouring. 3. Sephora Angled Natural Blush 131- I love using this angled brush for my blush and have not used a normal blush brush ever since I purchased this. It makes it easy to apply just the right amount of blush without overdoing it.

      • KatelynnRachelle

        Thanks!! That is really helpful. Especially the first one. I really need a better eye shadow brush.

  3. nhieubeauty

    I really want to try out other (high end) brushes. But as a student, I’ve been using Sigma and Real Techniques which I think are doing a great job anyhow. I Also want to try Wayne Goss’ brushes. I love Wayne Goss, and wouldn’t mind spending my first pay check on his brushes haha…

    • emfac13

      Yes definitely give them a try! They are really soft and are great for blending makeup. I’m a huge fan of the Wayne Goss brushes 🙂


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