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Red Carpet Survival Guide- Marie Claire Magazine

I was reading a great article from Marie Claire Magazine, February 2014 edition, and I thought this was very appropriate to talk about today since the 56th Annual Grammy’s are on tonight! The article (on pg 129) was “The Red-Carpet Edition Survival Guide” and the pros answered questions about how stars look so marvelous during awards season. They also shared their star-tested secrets! If you have not read the article, definitely check it out.  I looked to see if it was up on their website and it is not, but if I see that it is up soon, I will absolutely be posting a link to it!

Some of the Q and A from the article:

One girl, Shelaine Springer, asked “is it possible to get a Hollywood smile on a non-Hollywood budget?” and Dr. Nancy Rosen, a NYC cosmetic dentist answered back and basically said that the biggest thing people notice about a celebrity smile is their white and bright teeth. She said that the least expensive way to get white teeth is with whitening strips that contain 10% hydrogen peroxide. She also said you can make a whitening paste with baking soda and water, but both techniques can cause enamel damage if done too frequently, so she suggests doing the whitening strips once every 6 months and doing the baking soda only every few weeks. Dr. Nancy Rosen also talks about a procedure called “enameloplasty”. She said that the shape of celebrities teeth also adds on to their fabulous smile, and that you do not need veneers to achieve this look. Enameloplasty is a procedure that takes a dentist a couple of minutes during a regular checkup and they smooth jagged edges with a sandpaper disc rotary tool. According to Dr. Nancy Rosen she does not charge if she is only working on a few teeth, but she said that some dentists may add on a small fee. What is your opinion of this?

I have never tried creating my own whitening paste with baking soda and water, but I am curious to see if it works. I have gone to my dentist for an actual whitening treatment, and I could not make it through all 4 rounds. It was too painful for my sensitive teeth!  I had braces for about 6 years though, and my teeth were discolored from it so the whitening was necessary and has lasted pretty well. All I do now is Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects. I try to use them for 30 minutes about a few times a month and even though I drink a lot of coffee, my teeth have stayed fairly white!

The second question I would like to share and discuss is from Tashio Douglas, who asked “I want to look like I just got back from a midwinter weekend in the Caribbean. How do I get a faux tan that’s classy, not trashy?” An expert makeup artist, Kristofer Buckle from NYC, who has worked with Mariah Carey and Jessica Chastain, answered Tashio’s question. Kristofer said that the best way to achieve a natural fake tan is by taking it slow and using a gradual self-tanner, and he suggested Jergens Natural Glow. He also said “Honestly, though, when it comes to red carpets, what you’re seeing on celebrities is body makeup, not self tanner.” He suggests spraying Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs on your hands, massaging it onto skin that’s going to be exposed, letting the product set for 10 minutes, and then buffing it lightly with a soft paper towel to take off any excess.

I would not have thought that the majority of celebrity fake tans are just makeup! That’s pretty amazing, and it looks so natural. I would love to try the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. I am nervous that I will mess up and make it uneven though so I will have to practice a few times before ever doing it to show off in public. What I like to use when I am looking for a natural faux tan is Tarte Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Face And Body Self Tanner. This self tanner comes with a tan applicator mitt, and that is a huge plus because your hands don’t end up looking orange and dirty! It’s also very easy to apply the self tanner. You rub it on in circular motions, and I think it comes out very even. The product even smells nice, unlike many self tanners!

I am really excited to watch the Grammy’s tonight.  Celebrities almost always look flawless, but during awards season I think that they look better than ever. I can’t wait to see all of the amazing fashion and beauty on the Red Carpet, as well as amazing performances! Stay tuned for a celebrity makeup look tomorrow! If you have a specific look that you would like to see me recreate for tomorrow, let me know in your comments, I would love to hear your suggestions =] XO!

56GrammyAwards(This photo is a 2014 Grammy Rehearsal Photo, taken from here)

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