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Makeup for a Night Out




Today I decided to change things up and try a new and funky look that’s perfect for a night out! Of course, if I were actually going out tonight I would be wearing something different but I thought this was a perfect opportunity to experiment with makeup for my weekend in NYC. On Saturday I’m going to Beauty & Essex, a phenomenal restaurant, for my friend Flor’s is her actually birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLOR! The colors I used on my eyes (gold, purple, and blue) are some “it” colors of this Spring (check out yesterday’s post if you haven’t already and want to learn more about beauty trends for this spring), so this look can be worn now and in the next months to come. When I go out at night (whether it’s to a restaurant, bar, lounge, or club) I like to go for a dramatic look because most venues have dim/dark lighting, which can often make it difficult to really see makeup. I think that this look is dramatic enough without being too severe and crazy. I hope you like it and try it out! Also, special thanks to my girly Christina for suggesting I do a look like this!! if anyone has a look they would like me to try/post please post in your comments, I am always open to suggestions! Products for this look are listed below.


Products for this look:

To achieve this look:

  1. Apply Urban Decay Prime Potion all over eyelids.
  2. Highlight under brow bone and inner corner of eyes with Strange and Dust from Naked3.
  3. Dip shadow brush of choice in liquid glitter base (or water) and apply Goldilux to eyelid (I think that dipping this loose eyeshadow in a liquid gives it a more pigmented and dramatic effect).
  4. Apply Liar from Naked3 in the crease of the eye.
  5. Dip brush in liquid glitter base and apply Weekender from Sugarpill in outer corner of eye and mix in the crease with Liar.
  6. Blend eye shadows!
  7. Use a drop of Chanel liner in waterline, then dip a thin liner brush in water and use to apply Blackheart from Naked3 in bottom waterline on top of the black.
  8. Apply blue liquid glitter liner (mine was from Sephora + Pantone Universe but it’s out of stock) on bottom lashline.
  9. Dip thin liner brush in glitter base and use to apply Nightlife glitter on top of the blue liquid liner.
  10. Apply mascara primer and mascara.
  11. Apply Inglot #194 (a bright/neon pink) lipstick on entire lip.
  12. Apply Inglot #288 (blue) to outer corner of lips. Then apply Lancome’s Violette Coquette on top of that.
  13. Blend lipstick.
  14. Apply Inglot AMC Lip Gloss in #541 and you’re done!

I hope you enjoy this look! Also, I just wanted to add that I recently purchased cosmetics from (including the ones mentioned from Inglot, Lit, and Weekender by Sugarpill) and the company is amazing! Beautylish carries some really amazing makeup, and what impressed me the most was that they hand wrote a personal letter to me that I got with my purchase. Thanks Beautylish and Happy New Year to you too!



5 Responses to “Makeup for a Night Out”

  1. Flor de Maria

    Love the make up! Beautiful! Thank you Em!! You have made my day and week! Xox


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